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Embark on an extraordinary exploration journey with the groundbreaking UIG ground scanner. This cutting-edge system utilizes advanced 3D technology to provide live scans and ground imaging capabilities.



Embark on an extraordinary exploration journey with the groundbreaking UIG ground scanner. This cutting-edge system utilizes advanced 3D technology to provide live scans and ground imaging capabilities.

Uncover a world of precious metals, hidden treasures, ancient relics, archaeological tombs, caves, and underground voids with unparalleled precision and ease. The UIG ground scanner is a remarkable device, the only one of its kind in the world, integrating three distinct imaging systems into a single unit. It is specifically designed for mineral exploration, treasure hunting, archaeological excavation, corridor detection, cave exploration, and accurate scanning of ancient walls.

Equipped with three professional scanning and imaging technologies, the UIG ground scanner employs a versatile imaging sensor supported by modern and highly effective technologies. Its lightweight and movable arm facilitate effortless scanning and imaging of targets. Additionally, the device offers the option to differentiate between metals and voids through distinct audio signals.

The compact size and lightweight nature of the UIG ground scanner make it the preferred choice of prospectors worldwide. Its user-friendly design ensures ease of use during exploration and searches for precious metals, buried treasures, and underground voids.

Unleash the power of the UIG ground scanner and unlock a realm of hidden discoveries beneath the surface.

Product Description:

Discover the power of three underground detection and imaging systems in a single device – the incredible UIG ground scanner. Designed to detect precious metals, treasures, archaeological burials, corridors, caves, and voids underground, this versatile multi-system device will revolutionize your exploration experience.

Experience unrivaled speed and accuracy when detecting underground targets. The UIG ground scanner excels in scanning targets concealed within ancient archaeological walls, providing exceptional results with precision.

Equipped with a lightweight movable arm, the device facilitates effortless scanning and capturing of targets, ensuring maximum convenience during your exploration endeavors. One of its remarkable features is the ability to distinguish between minerals and voids, offering distinct audio voices for enhanced target differentiation.

Easily determine the depth of your target in meters and mark its location with remarkable accuracy. The UIG ground scanner also comes with an application that supports multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese, enabling seamless operation and understanding.

Whether you prefer a silent operation or wish to activate the device’s sound, the UIG ground scanner allows you to mute or activate the sound as per your preference.

UIG Ground Scanner: Unveiling Powerful Search Systems

Experience the remarkable capabilities of the UIG ground scanner, as it operates with three cutting-edge underground detection and imaging systems:

1. Live Ground Scan System: Uncover hidden treasures and valuable targets with this advanced system, capable of scanning the ground in real-time. With precise accuracy and high-speed detection, the live ground scan system ensures efficient exploration and exceptional results.

2. Live Wall Scan System: Delve into the mysteries of ancient structures and archaeological walls using the live wall scan system. By employing state-of-the-art technology, this system enables thorough scanning and examination of vertical surfaces, allowing you to uncover hidden chambers, passageways, and concealed artifacts.

3. 3D Imaging System: Immerse yourself in a three-dimensional world of underground exploration with the powerful 3D imaging system. This revolutionary technology provides comprehensive visual representations of the subsurface, offering unparalleled insights into buried treasures, cavities, and geological formations.

With the UIG ground scanner, you can reach impressive search depths of up to 30 meters underground.

One of the best German industries is the Uig ground scanner.
It possesses a European CE certified in accordance with international standards, as well as an ISO 9001 international accreditation in accordance with international specifications and standards.

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