At Golden Spark Detectors, we are proud to offer you the best metal detectors, gold detectors, treasure detectors. We are passionate about quality, and we care about making sure you get the quality that you deserve. To that end, we have only the finest metal detectors for sale. With vast experience in the industry, we know what a dependable metal detector looks like. Therefore, we only sell metal detectors that you can trust to provide honest results.

What kind of metal detectors for sale can you find at Golden Spark Detectors?
We sell many different metal detectors, from smaller handheld numbers to larger long-range detectors. Our collection also includes high end security detectors and scanners. These could be used for easier discovery of metal in locations where potential security or safety threats might exist.

Started in 2013 Golden Spark Detectors, is one of the top seller in Middle East and Africa for different detector technologies.

We specialize in:

  • Gold, Diamond, Metal detectors,
  • Handheld security detectors and walk through detectors ,
  • Dry washer accessories ,
  • Mining equipment’s and accessories

Golden Spark is a major authorized seller of some of the world’s most recognizable brands such as, Minelab, Ger ,Garrett, Fisher, Detech, XP,OKM, Nokta, Makro products.

Our Vision

Our company has set goals to empower our customers with better products, new innovative technologies and in depth information of all our mining and security products and services.

Golden spark team focuses in providing the best after sales service to its clients in regards to sales, shipping , training and suggesting its clients the best possible areas of improvement.
We make sure we give the best to our customers at reasonable pricing.

Customer Service

We are providing Distribution and customer service support across the Middle East and Africa. Our company has been growing at a fast rate and we have established ourselves as one of the leading supplier in Africa.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best solutions in the gold mining industry and become a leading supplier of metal detectors industry across the globe.


2.Shipping and distribution
3.Suggesting new market openings.
4. Training