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The Garrett Goldmaster 24k is a high frequency induction compensating gold nugget detector.

It has a unique ground tracking system known as “XGB” (Xtreme Ground Balance – extreme ground effect compensation). To ensure stable operation, the system employs several ground points.


The GM24k also has iron and hot rock cancellation in audio modes, which extends the reach into the ground for quiet operation on more difficult terrain.

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Starting with the industry-standard 48kHz operating frequency, we’ve bundled everything you’ll need to go gold-hunting in one convenient package. All of the machine’s settings, as well as important target information, are shown on a big, illuminated display. The Ferrous, Gold, and High Conductor ranges are mirrored with Target ID numbers ranging from 0-99 on the Target Graph at the top of the display.



The Garrett Goldmaster® 24k (originally produced by White’s Electronics) is a gold nugget detector with high-frequency induction compensation.

The GM24k has a 54% increase in disk voltage compared to the previous White’s GMT model, resulting in increased sensitivity to small nuggets.

During the tests of this machine in Brazil, a tiny crystalline nugget of 0.4 grain found enclosed in quartz demonstrated it.

In some cases, this power can be difficult in heavily mineralized soil areas. Even at lower gain settings, the GM24k is an extremely “powerful” machine for detecting small gold nuggets and specimens.



  1. SENSITIVITY – Set the sensitivity at a level that does not result in false signals from the ground. Very strong ground may result in the symbol on the screen and a loud sound – this means the sensitivity is too high.
  2. GROUND BALANCE – With the default setting, the detector will use XGB to automatic ground balance. Tap to lock the ground balance to the current setting. Tapping when the ground balance is locked will update the current ground setting to what is under the coil.
  3. GROUND SCAN – Hold to put the detector into Ground Scan mode. The top bar displays the ground strength and the two digit numbers display the ground type (phase). Useful for tracing pay streaks. Sensitivity Adjust other settings FEATURES continued
  4. IRON CANCEL – Tap to silence hot rocks, trash and mineral changes in both audio modes. Hold to adjust the Iron Cancel setting (tap the button to cancel high-wrap hot rocks). Note that this setting may decrease the detector’s sensitivity to very small gold, but is necessary in difficult ground conditions.
  5. VOLUME and THRESHOLD – Tap to adjust the volume with the up and down buttons. Press and hold for one second to adjust the threshold with the up and down buttons (“TH” displays on the screen). With the volume at levels over 8 you can enable Boost 1 and Boost 2 for maximum sensitivity.
  6. AUDIO MODE – With the displayed on screen, the detector is in “BEEP” audio mode (high tone = good target, low tone = bad target). The default setting (without on screen) is a traditional All-Metal audio mode with greater sensitivity to small targets.
  7. SAT – SAT can smooth out ground inconsistencies. Press and hold for one second to adjust it (“SA” displays on screen, 2 is the default setting).
  8. PINPOINT – Hold for non-motion pinpoint mode. In difficult ground this mode may be affected by mineralization.
  9. BACKLIGHT – Tap to enable the backlight (this reduces battery life). 10. FREQUENCY SHIFT – Hold when turning the detector on to shift frequency (useful when there is EMI). Use and to change frequencies. Power off to save the selection.
  10. FACTORY RESET – Hold when turning on the detector. Press and hold button when “FD” is on screen to reset the machine to factory default.

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